The Human Kingdom of Galena






Galena's Landing

The Kingdom Of Galena ( Ga-le-nah) is a merchant based nation, the nation is located on the coast of the continet of / /which is one of the most overpopulated nations on Mana'Kielar.


The city is based off an old trading post that was simple in structure and was only set up apon the coast for boats that needed resupplying and Repairs. After the fall of TowerGuard, it had gained population heavily from that one area, people began to emass from other areas as well.
After its mass growth it had went into an economic boom trade was top end, other races came in so bravely trading their goods but only on a stright trade agreement. But it had no leaders, it was a basic system of what seemed right and what seemed wrong up until a council of men was started over the ideal of an Heirachy. People saw flaw in an Heirarchy and thought being rulled by a council would split the ideals of the Kingdom into three parts. One man from the Poorer side of the city, one from the Wealthy and Rich, and finaly one of Agriculture/Foresting/outer city towns.
That was a time of promise though, for now at the time the Council is chosen by the rich and wealthy through bribes and 'kind' gestures towards the civilians and whom elects on the Council members. Making the city corrupt, igniting an inner city war which can also be considered an underground war.


Galena is ruled by a Oligarchy which is always changing due to constant assasinations, it is very corrupted. Its usual corruption comes from its traders, having a very unbalanced economy and the only kingdom with a trade system fully set up to balance fair trade.
Its trades are usualy played apon by the keen minded merchants, and dangerous kingpins that are planted around the area. There are a few guild set ups around as well such as the Silvermane Mercenaries, Tae'len, and a group of elitest that conspire to over rule the kingdom with complex trade system and political corruption inspired by money known as The House.


John Marccus

Fredal Dorthi

Lucas Schad


It is a city located apon a Cliff like area, over looking the sea they have constant weather problems but have sorted them out with fortifactionas and a specialy made dock system, trade becomes rough during the witner season due to their posistioning in the north, though warm weather is considerably hot the weather paterns are a constant inbalance.