Yarmin'dor is the most considerably oldest human nation about, having lead under an Heirarchy that started from a simple clan chief up to one of the strongest human military presences on the face of Mana'Kielar. Having little connection to the other nations to the other human nations it was a very roughly grown civilization, rights of passage usualy involved sexual intercorse after long vigerous battles with fellow tribesmen. But once it had started learning the way of construction and building up fortifactions it had lifted up onto a new generation of Yarmin's.

The original inspiration for the need to build walls and close themselves behind defenses was at the time an odd one for any human nation but came through with reasoning against orc raids which ended up forming into Sieges. For the longest time and still yet the Orcs of Khar'Gran and the Humans of Yarmin'dor have faught over the lands up north, first for spiritual beliefs, now for spiritual and minerals. The Mountian known as the Great Warrior has been recognized as the richest in minerals yet, holding great value just to be near it and having the accesibility to it made either group of warriors the wealthiest next to Galena the first.

At this point in time, it is a heavily military city under the Rule of Grogahn RazorHorn the long chain of family that has controlled the city still does, living under the same morals, and the same set of rules. Accept for the upgrade from the very brutal form of coming into manhood, it had been changed to a simple ritual of strength and endurance.


Yarmin'dor is an Heirarchy, it doesn't over go heavy trade but does find itself in a need for the out side contact for trading and establishing some sort of posts for such.